My name is Nunu Mare. I bought my first analog SLR in 1992 and since then shoot subjects that revolve around my passions for travel, people and the natural landscape. Whether it's the environment around my home in Switzerland or in far-flung places, I have always felt a closeness to nature and an interest in the diverse habitats and cultures around the world.

With the cycle of the seasons, both the light and the living things evolve. These variations in tone, hue, form and texture are the main subject of my work.


When I am in the natural world with my camera, I see the world in a different way. I am more aware of light and the forms and colours of living things. I love to see the same view or composition change as the sun advances through the day and year.

I like it when the raindrops or the light make the colours more vivid or softer. I try to capture this experience in my photographs. The camera helps me to enter a space where I'm alert to the details. It's like nature draws my eye to it. It touches me emotionally and makes me want to keep the moment and feel it again.